Northeast Ohio's Leading On-Demand and Dedicated Shuttle Services

MPI Logistics Specialists are problem solvers. That means that whatever challenges you face, we’re here to help. Sometimes emergencies happen. One of your own drivers get sick. Or a customer suddenly requires more product tomorrow when all of your trucks are out. Whatever the situation, MPI offers on-demand shipping solutions customized to match your needs.

We also offer dedicated shuttle services. Whether you need a backup driver for several months or have a regular shipping route you need help covering, MPI can get you the results you need. We can help you with dedicated shuttle runs throughout Ohio and the surrounding states or regional trips across the eastern seaboard.

National trucking companies deal with clients who have large accounts, which means it can be hard to get the customized service you need. But often smaller local or regional logistics companies don’t have the specialized trucks you need to ship your products. MPI solves both issues - our focus is on small- and medium-size businesses and companies who have one-off and irregular requests.

MPI Leads the Northeast Area in Logistics Planning

Our team of logistics specialists works with you to get your shipping handled. When you find yourself in a bind, have an emergency trucking need, or are looking to offload some of your more specialized trucking and shuttle needs, give MPI a try. Call 330-837-2708, email us, or complete the form below.



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