When the Unplanned Arises, MPI Can Provide Emergency Trucking Services

Each day presents new challenges. When a truck breaks down, a driver calls off, or the unplanned arises, stuff happens. At MPI, our Logistics Experts specialize in solving unique problems you may face. Perhaps you need cross-docking services or a re-delivery... MPI is perfectly suited to handle those requests. When a load shifts and re-packing is required, MPI can handle such requests. When the driver arrives late and no one is there to receive your shipment, MPI can handle re-deliveries.

As a small business, MPI has the flexibility to provide emergency trucking services. Yet, as a specialty trucking service and repair shop, we have the bandwidth to support last-minute emergencies that inevitably happen. MPI has seen a lot of stuff hit the fan, and yet our Logistics Experts always get the job done.

MPI Leads the Northeast Area in Emergency Trucking Services

There aren't too many teams who can handle your emergencies. MPI can. And we like each new challenge as a way of showing you what we can achieve when crisis hits. When you find yourself in a bind, or are looking to offload some of your more specialized trucking and dedicated shuttle needs, call MPI. We can be reached at 330-837-2708, email us, or complete the form below.



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